Monday, March 13, 2017


I bought a very small printing press recently and printed a an old drypoint plate yesterday.  The smudged printing ink around the plate gave me the idea for this digital development.  Apparently this fellow is called Gaspard.  I scratched the name into the plate when I originally drew it.

Thursday, March 9, 2017

Twenty Five Years Later

Twenty five years ago I worked in a textile factory laboratory and office.  In the spare time at the office, I often used to doodle.  I made one particular doodle that I particularly liked and copied it.  It remains, an A4 sheet of paper with a small doddle copied many times on it.  It is dog eared now but I'm glad I still have it. 

Recently I decided to immortalise it in print and while I was printing it I thought back to working in the office and how stifled and trapped I felt.  I would never have imagined, when drawing this doodle, that one day I would be in a print studio in Kilkenny, twenty five years later printing it.

On The Desk

Today I am mainly still messing about* with my parasite drawings

print + ballpoint pen

ink + ballpoint pen

* when I was at art college, one lecturer always told us off for saying 'messing about'.  We should say 'experimenting with'.  So of course, I always say 'messing about'.

Saturday, March 4, 2017

Like Hummingbird Wings

I was in the print studio and shot 10 minutes of video. 

I condensed 6 minutes of it into 1. 

The paper sounds like hummingbird wings (she said fancifully)