Friday, September 16, 2011

What I did last summer ...

My summer was grey and quiet.  I was much to be found in the local fields and lanes.  Some sources also report seeing me at a Bjork concert in Manchester, on a sunlounger on a private beach in St. Tropez, horse trekking in the Atlas mountains and on the Charles Bridge in Prague.  I was not in some of these places. 

Often after twilight I repaired to my room to listen to The Blue of the Night which I can recommend as being highly conducive to the contemplative state needed to render such sketchbook works as follow below:-

As the lateness of the hour increased, I found myself becoming more and more abstract:-

I did not of course neglect collage and will post these pages in What I did last summer ... II.

Blog Reactivation Sequence begins

1.  Blog?  What blog?

2.  Oh yeah, that blog.  I thought we didn't have to do those anymore.

3.  Crap, what can I put up?

4.  What I did last summer ...