Sunday, February 21, 2016

A Fox In A Copse

I found a fox skeleton in a small copse near the old farm.  The bones were almost completely clean and a little scattered around the area.  There was still a patch of browny-red fur on a branch on the ground.  The skull was incomplete, being partly missing on one side.  I don't know if this is what killed him or if he was eaten or disturbed after he died.  The shoulder and hip bones are beautiful.  The individual spinal vertebrae have little faces etched into them.

I collected all the bones I could and arranged them into a square and then photographed some of them against a background of black card.  I'm putting these through Photoshop and adding colour to some. I brought the bones home to draw around as well but after this is finished I'm going to put them back in the copse where I found them. I would like to make the images into a reliquary type book commemorating this unknown fox who died under trees on a windy hillside.