Tuesday, March 24, 2015

The Plane Invasion or How To Spot A Russian Bomber

I'm making an artist's book, called How To Spot A Russian Bomber for this exhibition.  (I'm also meant to be writing an exhibition review for this Thursday but will only finish that of course when backed into a corner, like a rat, by the deadline).

Here are some book pages so far.  They are digital collages made from scanned and printed images.

Model and Nutritionist

This was the actual description used by the magazine. Ha ha ha ha ha. 

Friday, March 13, 2015

Cornelia Parker - Whitworth Art Gallery, Manchester

Whilst in England I got to see Cornelia Parker's new show at the newly refurbished Whitworth Gallery in Manchester.  I was so pleased I saw this show, Cornelia Parker being one of my favourite artists.  I love the way she looks at the world and wasn't disappointed with the work in this show which included some of her most well-known pieces and also some new works.  The Gallery was packed as well which was great to see and as well as this exhibition, the Whitworth also had a small show of Sarah Lucas's work and prints by Thomas Schuette.  Now I wasn't too gone on the prints, but they did make me itchy to be printing again.

Tuesday, March 10, 2015

5 Points of Connection

This was a great exhibition to be part of.  Great venue, great fellow artists.  The install went so smoothly.  I wish I had taken more time with my red wall and also checked that the wall was straight.  There were a few gaps.  The idea was sound though and after a discussion with a fellow artist, it was renamed Red Robben, after Arjen Robben, a superb footballer but alas also a too frequent turf diver.  It was lovely at the show to see people standing it front of it and blowing to make the little cards flutter.  Here are a few images:-

Un-illuminated Manuscript/Forgive Me Father

Un-illuminated Manuscript (detail)

Forgive Me Father (detail)

Drawings by Bram Demunter

Gerrit Bruins

Michelle Verscheijden (floor), Geoff Diego Litherland and Gerrit Bruins

Exorcism and Gerrit Bruins

Gerrit Bruins

Gerrit Bruins

Michelle Verscheijden and Gerrit Bruins