Saturday, May 21, 2011

So tell me seriously ...

do prints and clothes go together?  This is my print set up for the assesment. 

There's a little voice inside my head that says it's too much but it's currently not being listened to as people keep coming up and saying that it's very me and they could tell right away that these were my prints.  You may be relieved to know the tablecloth has gone - floral embroidery was definitely a step in the wrong direction (and it wasn't ironed).

There is meant to be a light-hearted feel to the prints themselves, after all one is labelled 'happy out' and I wanted to almost clash the colours of the dresses and prints together but at the same time make sure that the dress for each print reflected the theme of the print.

Anyway I've got till Monday afternoon to change things if I suddenly develop a sense of taste.

I'll upload the individual prints later.