Friday, November 13, 2015


Well of course the early experiments for the solo show have almost all been rejected.

The hand remains.  I like the fragility of the print, the hand is fading and the lines and grains inside seem to be taking over.  The pattern is like a rash, or an energy grid, or bacteria.  I made 5 versions of this drypoint  hand print, some based on mudras which are Indian hand gestures used in meditation, to represent  charity, protection, compassion etc and also to stimulate energy flow when used in yoga postures.  The paper size is 30 x 40 cm, plate size 13 x 25 cm. 

The second series of prints are created using cut stencils and gold ink.  The iconography will be based on a video piece I am making.  This was an experiment.  Paper size is 50 x 70 cm and the stencils are floppy and very hard to lie straight and flat on the inked plate.  This was a good print, ruined by being crooked and then to top it all, the paper stuck ro the plate.  Nought - disappointment in about 10 minutes.