Wednesday, March 27, 2013


Here are some of the photographs I've taken so far which I am thinking of making into a book. In fact I'd like to have a whole bookshelf full of books of one kind or another relating to my project but we'll see ...

Sunday, March 24, 2013

A new print

I found some shotgun cartridges and inked up the base and used a stencil over an etching to make this print.  Possibly it needs more shotgun cartridges ...

Tuesday, March 12, 2013


In the frenzy of blogging, with which I find myself occupied today, I almost forgot to include LIPS, the Limerick International Publishers Salon, which I helped to organise, along with Peter Morgan, of Road Books and one of our photography tutors.

This ran from 21st - 23rd February and was an artist's book exhibition featuring over 150 different publications from 36 publishers around the world.   

Natalia Baylis

The opening featured a live drawing performance by Sally O'Dowd and also a reading Judy Kravis.  There was also a competition for the best book by an LSAD student, past or present which was won by Helena Grimes.  And there were books, books and more books, on every subject under the sun, from good apples and bad apples to rugby to Indian kerosene lamps.

LSAD Drawing Awards

T'is that time of the year again.  This year's judge was Colette Nolan.  I found the show to be somewhat dark and conceptual.  In spite of this, I had two pieces accepted.  Here are my favourites:-

The marvellous Hazel Egan

The marvellous Barry Mullins

Ali Kirby

Hazel Egan

Ali Kirby

Christine Mackey at LCGA

I saw Christine Mackey's exhibition 'Seed Matter' at LCGA last week.  I found it excellent and thought-provoking.

Below is the Gallery blurb and some of my photographs:-

This exhibition continues Mackey’s ongoing investigation into how our earth is approached and managed, our relationship to the earth's history and our direct relationship to how we manage its produce.

The aesthetic of Mackey’s art lends itself to rhythms and patterns, to the labour around the management of SEED MATTER wherever we are in the globe. Christine Mackey employs diverse disciplines, subject matter and tactics to generate different kinds of knowledge of place, including their hidden histories and ecological formations. Using aesthetics as well as quasi-scientific methods, her work explores the interactive potential of art as a research tool and its capacity for social and environmental change. She looks at Art as imbued with active agency a field of endeavour.

Christine Mackey lives and works in North Leitrim. Her practice combines site-specific and public works, exhibitions, performance, and art-books. Mackey has exhibited extensively nationally and internationally and is a recipient of numerous awards and residencies

This video piece shows Mackey planting an apple tree in a council storeyard.  When she had previously visited the site, some years earlier, it had been an orchard.