Sunday, July 22, 2012

Summer Exhibitions II

Here are some photos from the Crawford College of Art (CIT) Degree Show which I thought was really excellent:-

The last 3 photos are from a cardboard house which was slightly creepy, like an underground air raid shelter.  It was so realistic that I actually did feel as if I was trespassing.

The photos below show my favourite works of the whole show.  The photographs of the glass tiles are by Erika Szel and the collages are by Emer Kelly

A couple of images from the exhibition Crawford 100 at Wandesford Quay Gallery

Breda Lynch


A few photographs showing the work I've been doing to date this summer:-

Summer Exhibitions I

I've seen a few exhibitions so far this summer and will be posting photos of all of them eventually. 

To begin, Galway Mayo Institute of Technology Degree Show:-

Apologies for not listing artists - if you're burning to know, drop me a line.