Sunday, September 20, 2015

Panic Mode Initiated

I got a part-time job one week before I went on holiday.  The holiday took up the best part of two weeks and since I got back I have had one day off from my so-called part-time job.  I have a solo show coming up in December in Limerick and although I have been thinking about it all year, very little actual work has been done.  And now I wake up every night and lie there lamenting the lost time in a print panic, wondering what I will have to sacrifice to keep the job and produce a good show.  Because I need to keep the job for the money and I need to produce a good show for myself.

Somewhat ironically, the show is going to be based on some of the writings of the Upanishads, ancient Sanskrit texts which form the core of the philosophy of the Hindu religion, so my sleepless worryings over time and attachment to money seem even more pathetic. 

Nevertheless, here are some ideas so far.  I am currently obsessed with my hands.  Tomorrow is a rare day off from breakfast rolls and americanos so I'm off into the print studio with rice and stencils.

Idea for artist book



digital photo