Saturday, November 19, 2011

Come up and see my etchings ... and lithographs

aquatint, chine colle and monoprint

Here's the result of 6 weeks feverish activity. 
'All this work in only 6 weeks?'  I hear you cry 'You must have worked very hard'
Thank you, yes, yes I did.
'And aren't you sick of that dog?' you ask
Yes, yes I am
Aquatint, collage, pen and monoprint
Aquatint, monoprint (ghost print)

Aquatint, pen, monoprint

Aquatint, pencil, collage

Aquatint, pen, monoprint

Aquatint, pen, monprint

Monoprint, drypoint

Etching, aquatint, monprint

Etching, monoprint

Etching, monoprint, collage

Monoprint, collage

Lithography x 4 - Lithography, monoprint. collage, pen, acrylic

Tuesday, October 25, 2011


For the photography module of the project I wanted to continue the idea of classified ads and looked at the notice boards that you find in local shops.  These have long been a fascination of mine, having the same strange and comical mixture of ads that are found in the local newspaper classifieds, together with idiosyncratic typography and sometimes peculiar illustrations.

Here are my top eight:-

Monday, October 24, 2011


The first print project was based on newspapers, news and text.  I adore the classifieds and saw an ad for chihuahua pups amongst other things and that set me off along these lines:-

This was the first etching I made.

Some extremely overworked lithographs to follow in the next post.

What I Did Last Summer II

A little bit of collage ...

Friday, September 16, 2011

What I did last summer ...

My summer was grey and quiet.  I was much to be found in the local fields and lanes.  Some sources also report seeing me at a Bjork concert in Manchester, on a sunlounger on a private beach in St. Tropez, horse trekking in the Atlas mountains and on the Charles Bridge in Prague.  I was not in some of these places. 

Often after twilight I repaired to my room to listen to The Blue of the Night which I can recommend as being highly conducive to the contemplative state needed to render such sketchbook works as follow below:-

As the lateness of the hour increased, I found myself becoming more and more abstract:-

I did not of course neglect collage and will post these pages in What I did last summer ... II.